Fashion trends I’ve been loving this Summer.

There have been so many trends I’ve been loving this summer but I managed to narrow it down to just 5! I have also included pictures with each and a link to where you can buy them, Enjoy!

Bardot Tops.

These off-the-shoulder beauties have become so popular this summer, everyone has one! They are so simple to just slip on with a pair of jeans, shorts or a skirt. They are super comfy yet dress up any outfit! When someone says the dress code is “jeans and a nice top” I would definitely recommend a Bardot top (two of my absolute favourites below) as they are so in style this season.


First picture: Second picture:


Patterns! Patterns! Patterns! They’re everywhere! Whether you prefer to shy away in the crowd or stand out, there is a pattern for everyone. Stripes are something everyone can rock, they are slimming and lengthening, what more could you want! The second picture below is a little more edgy.  This gingham print pants could be paired with heels for a night out, or some flats for casual wear, either way, I think everyone needs some patterns in their wardrobe this season!


First picture: Second picture:


Whether it be flared pants or a bell sleeved top, you need one! Flares have such an 80’s vibe yet are also so modern and trendy. With many festivals coming up I feel this is going to be a go-to look for many festival goers. This trendy look would defiantly catch people’s eye, and for good reason! The two below are my absolute and paired together would give you such an on trend look with some major 80’s vibes!


First picture: Second picture:

Embroidery details.

Embroidery detail on clothes has been around for the past couple of months but I feel since we came into summer it has been trending a lot more. It seems to add a simple yet beautiful element to any outfit. If you think it’s a little bit too much for you, just pick up a handbag with some embroidered detail or some shoes. You still get that element of beauty it adds without being over the top!


First picture: Second picture:


Yellow is such a staple colour for the summer season and there is nothing like putting on a bright yellow sundress while the sun is shining! Both dresses below are quite different but I think they are equally as beautiful! If bright clothes aren’t really your thing you could easily tone it down with a denim jacket or maybe stick to just a bright top paired with some jeans rather than going in with solid yellow. Whatever way you choose to wear it I think it is a colour everyone should rock this season!


First picture: Second picture:


4 thoughts on “Fashion trends I’ve been loving this Summer.

  1. If you feel you can’t pull off yellow maybe try a softer shade of yellow or just try and add small bits of yellow to your wardrobe, maybe some accessories? Hope you enjoyed reading!


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