Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review!

Initial thoughts – My first thoughts on this product was that it would be perfect for someone with oily skin as it does claim to be an oil-free foundation (as someone with oily  skin this was a major pro), it also claims to be medium to full coverage, although I would not wear something so heavy on days I have work I was looking for something with fuller coverage for events and days off and I thought this might be the perfect foundation for that!

Packaging – The packaging on this product is absolutely beautiful! Even the box that it comes in is so elegant and pretty. The bottle itself is a sort of frosted glass and it feels so expensive and such good quality. The black and gold together on the bottle also brings the entire look together and (I’ve said it before) packaging plays such a big role in what we buy and we don’t even realize it, however, this product definitely passes that test!

Texture – Before I talk about the texture of this product I want to quickly mention that this foundation doesn’t have any scent to it so if your skin is sensitive to that sort of thing I think it would still be okay to use! This product claims to be oil-free with a natural finish and buildable coverage. It also claims to be infused with coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluric acid. The finish and coverage is supposed to be so natural that people will think you were ‘Born This Way”. I agree that the finish is natural as it doesn’t leave my skin looking matte but it also doesn’t have a glow to it, however, as I do have quite oily skin my natural oils do tend to come through a little bit with this foundation.

Price – The price of this product wasn’t too expensive as far as foundations go, it retails for €35/£29/$39. The price point of a product is usually the deciding point for most people but if you wanted an expensive foundation just for days off or special events then I don’t think this is too expensive, for a high-end foundation I personally think it is reasonably priced.

How the product wears – Here’s where we find out if the product is really worth it! When I initially apply this foundation the shade is perfect (natural beige), the coverage is perfect and the finish is perfect, however, I don’t think this product wears too well on my skin. As I mentioned before I do have oily skin but I wouldn’t consider myself to have extremely oily skin but this foundation does tend to break down on my skin quite easily and it does settle into and lines of pores I have on my face pretty fast. I have tried applying it with both a brush and a beauty sponge and I do think it applies better with the sponge but it does still break away on my skin and doesn’t last the whole day.

Final thoughts – As of right now, I don’t think this foundation is worth it for me. I am going to play around with is for a little bit longer and try a different primer with it (I was using my Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclait Blur Primer with it) and try using different powders on top of it, I will keep ye updated on my Instagram. I do think this product would work better with someone who has more normal to dry skin as it did break away on my skin but the price point is relatively inexpensive as far as high-end foundations go!

7 thoughts on “Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review!

  1. I had the same reaction to this foundation! I thought that it’d be perfect because its oil free and I have slightly oily skin, but I think its the coconut water or something! It made me break out! I wish I loved it though. Great post!


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