HiSmile, worth the insta hype??

Hey, guys! Long time no chat! I apologise for the lack of content but I just had to focus on getting back into the swing of the whole ‘college thing’. So for about the past week/week and a half, I have been testing out the HiSmile teeth whitening products. As most of you have probably seen The Kardashians and The Jenners and all sorts of models and public figures using these products but it’s hard to tell whether the HiSmile teeth whitening kit is really responsible for their amazing teeth. I decided to find out.

There are lots of different bundles you can choose from when you go onto the website, I chose the Ultimate Bundle, which includes everything except the toothpaste, which is their newest product. I ordered the toothpaste separately also. The toothpaste is a subscription that you have to sign up for, the first order is free and you can cancel at any time. Now I am going to go through each product and let you know if it did anything and how you use it. I hope you enjoy!

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Teeth Whitening Kit.

This is definitely their most well-known product. This is the one that’s seen all over Instagram and is totally hyped about. It comes with a mouth tray, an LED light and 3 syringes of the teeth whitening gel. So basically you attach the mouth tray to the LED light and squeeze 1/4 syringe of the gel into the top part of the mouth tray and another 1/4 into the bottom part (you get 6 uses out of the 3 syringes) and away you go. The light has its own timer so it will turn itself off after 10 minutes and then you rinse your mouth. It says to use daily for best results (which I did) and to avoid drinking dark coloured drinks such as tea, coffee, wine etc. before and after use (which I did). It’s a lot harder to keep the mouth tray in your mouth for 10 minutes that I thought it would be and if I’m honest I thought I would get much better results than what I did. Once you see a lot of celebrities advertising for the brand you expect such amazing results and that’s not what I got. A chart came with the kit where you can keep score of your process (picture below) and I started off at around a 4 or a 5 and after the first use I did go up to about a 3 but after using the kit 5 more times after that not much has changed, I have remained at about a 3 which is disappointing considering the price.

Coconut Whitening Mouthwash.

I am going to start off by saying that this is the strangest mouthwash I have ever used! It comes in a sort of toothpaste tube and you’re supposed to squeeze it into your mouth and move it around for a couple of minutes. This is pretty hard to do considering the mouthwash comes in solid form. You have to kind of rub it between your hands and try to get the coconut oil to liquify. Another downside to this product is the taste, I am not a fan of coconut in general so of course, this didn’t help but I figured, it’s only 2 minutes, I can do it. I tried this maybe three times at most but I couldn’t stand the taste to do it any longer, I also didn’t find it did much at all for my teeth. The only positive about this product that I can think of is that you get 5 tubes of it which is quite a lot but all in all I disliked this product and would not recommend.

Teeth Whitening Pen.

If I’m honest I didn’t really give this one a fair shot, I think I used it twice and kind of gave up, I was starting to get frustrated with these products and couldn’t see how this one could have been any better. You’re simply supposed to shake the pen and brush a thin layer of gel onto your teeth and rinse after 30 minutes and have amazing white teeth. I think out of all the products so far this one failed the most, with the other two I could see a slight difference and I think if I continued using the mouthwash I may have seen a little difference but the teeth whitening pen did absolutely nothing for me.

HiSmile Day and Night Toothpaste.

Now, this is something I would definitely recommend to everyone and I think it is so worth it, not only to whiten your teeth but also to take care of them. The daytime toothpaste puts a sort of shield on your teeth to prevent food from sticking to and staining your teeth. When I read those claims I found it sort of hard to believe but after using it I understand that it does exactly what it says it does. If you use this in the morning and run your tongue along your teeth at any point in the day after eating it still feels exactly like it did when you brushed that morning. It also includes ingredients that are amazing for your teeth, therefore protecting them further. The nighttime toothpaste is made from activated charcoal for natural whitening and from all the products I have tried from HiSmile, this toothpaste has whitened my teeth the best, 10/10 would recommend this product.

Final Thoughts.

All in all, after trying all the products they offer I think the toothpaste is the best you could go for. The Ultimate bundle which I got costs €79.99/$89.99/£69.99, which is pretty expensive, I think you could definitely find a cheaper kit to whiten your teeth rather than splurging on this kit. However, I think the toothpaste is definitely worth getting. the subscription is sent automatically each month and the payment costs €13.99/$15.99/£11.99 a month but I think it’s such a fantastic service and I will leave the link below if you decide to purchase and decide for yourself!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you never miss an update.


You can shop HiSmile here.

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