Hey Guys! Long time no chat, I’ve just been super busy lately. However, just before the New Year my boyfriend and I took a short trip to Belfast just for a fun weekend away and I have been looking forward to writing all about our journey (all pictures will be posted below)!

We took a train to get there but it did take quite a while, it took us about 6 hours before we got to Belfast. we had to get a train from Limerick to Dublin and then get the Luas (for those of you who aren’t from Ireland, the Luas is like a cross between a bus and a train 😂) to a different train station and then get another train to Belfast. It was tiring but thankfully our hotel was right by the train station.

We stayed in The Hilton hotel in the ‘King Studio Room’. This was a little pricier than the other rooms but breakfast was included, we had the most amazing view of the river and the city which was beautiful in the evening and we had access to the ‘Executive Lounge’ which was located on the 11th floor and had snacks, such as muffins, apples, tea/coffee, available to you all day free of charge. At around 6pm they brought hot food up along with bread and cheese, you also had a choice of drinks, beer, vodka, wine etc. all free of charge to anybody staying in an executive room!

After we finished looking around the hotel and getting our bearings we decided to go and have a look at the Titanic experience. Because we didn’t know where it was we decided to hop into a Taxi so we wouldn’t get lost! It wasn’t too far from the hotel only costing us about £7. The Titanic Experience accepts euros as well as pounds so that is good to know for any Irish travelers! It was a lot bigger than I expected it took us about 2 hours to get around the whole thing! There were lots of really interesting facts and stories all around the building, they even had replicas of all the rooms so you could see the difference between first, second and third class, I found that really interesting! There was even a little ride built into it that brought you around a reenactment of the working conditions on the Titanic, everything down to the temperature change. They really put a lot of thought into the small details. There was a screening of the actual video footage of when they went to explore the remains of the real Titanic! Look after your receipt though because once you are finished with the Titanic Experience you can go across to the river where you can board the S.S. Nomadic, I had actually lost my ticket but the woman there was really lovely and let me go through anyway. You were allowed to explore the entire boat, it was really amazing. If any of you are ever going to Belfast I would definitely recommend going, it was such a good experience!

Our second day in Belfast we did a lot of shopping! We woke up early to take advantage of the free breakfast and I’m so glad we did, it was amazing! They had everything you could think of. It was buffet style breakfast so you could take as much or as little as you pleased. They even had poached eggs and pancakes as requested. I’ve never had a breakfast like it! We decided to go to Victoria Square for some shopping! The center itself was amazing, it has a big dome on top that lights up at night (this could also be seen from the executive lounge) and because we went just after Christmas, they still had their big tree up! A lot of the shops were designer and very luxury and even if that’s not really your style it is fun to look around anyway! We ate dinner in a place called Bootleggers (I had seen it online before we went up and it looked amazing!), it was just outside Victoria Square and it was pretty busy so we had about a half an hour wait which was fine because there were seats at the bar. I ordered a vegetarian burger (without realising) and they do these chips that are covered in pepper sauce and topped with cheese and they are just amazing! We also got chicken wings to share. The place wasn’t too pricey but it was definitely delicious!

On our third and last day in Belfast, we decided to go to St. George’s Market. This market is open on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s, unlike our market at home which is only open on Sundays. The market was huge and the atmosphere was buzzing. There were people talking, food cooking and music playing. We got mini pancakes with Nutella and icing sugar right when we went in (we couldn’t resist!) and later on got some Sloppy Joe’s, it was my first time trying one and it did not disappoint!

Despite almost missing our train home the journey was fine, again it took almost 6 hours so we didn’t get home until just before 9pm and we were shattered and ready for bed!

Belfast is such a beautiful city and definitely worth the trip! I highly recommend all the places we visited and definitely the Hilton and if you don’t mind spending that little bit extra the ‘King Studio Room’ was stunning and I would 100% stay there again!

Thanks so much for reading, talk soon,

Alison x.



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